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We're Sonoma's best location for new bikes, service, rentals, and accessories. That sound you just heard was your soul asking for a bike.


Monday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm

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  • Telephone: 707.996.6800 - Ahoy-hoy?
  • Fax: 707.996.6801 - Beep-boop
  • E-mail: - Also beep-boop
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262 West Napa Street - Sonoma, CA 95476


The best products all under one roof.

We don't consider ourselves retailers as much as we consider ourselves curators. WCC is constantly researching the newest equipment and accessories to maximize the ride in Sonoma County. We want our Sonoma rides to be great, and we want your Sonoma rides to be great.



















Interior of the store with products


You see that guy or girl with the tools in the back of the shop? Those people are the reason local bike shops are the place to be. When something is repaired, it comes with a guarantee that it will stay repaired, and when these guys build one of your new bike purchases, it stays built.

All service is competitively priced and completed as fast as humanly possible. (Or as fast as the delivery driver can get us parts.) For inquiries give us a call at 707-996-6800 or shoot us an e-mail at

A view of the service area


You can't experience the beauty and charm of Sonoma without being on a bicycle. Really, we tried driving it once. We don't want to talk about it.

Our bike rental includes a helmet, lock, hugs, and maps to local wineries. The wineries listed on our maps are walk-in friendly; however most require reservations for groups of 6+. Sonoma Valley is also home to many boutique and specialty wineries and many of them are appointment-only; be sure to contact them directly for details and availability.

We highly recommend making reservations for bikes as we often sell out, especially on weekends and holidays. If you would like to reserve, please call us with the heights of the riders and a credit card number to guarantee your reservation, or download and fax us our Rental Reservation Form. Sorry, but we don't accept reservations via email!

Another bit of boring fine print: If for any reason you need to cancel a reservation, be a friend and give us at least 48 hours notice so you don't get charged $15 per bike for a cancellation. When Justin gets bikes all ready for you and you don't show up for the big day, Justin falls into a depression that can only be remedied by $15 worth of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The Rental Options
Bike Type Make/Model Daily Rate Up to 2 Hours* Up to 1 Hour*
Comfort/Hybrid Trek Shift 3 $30 $20 $10
Sport Tandem Trek T 900 $60 $40 $20
Endurance Road Cannondale Synapse $65 N/A N/A
Kid's Trailer Burley Cub $30 N/A N/A
*Reservations not available for hourly bike rentals 

The Rental Options in Writing: (Multi-Day Rates available over phone)

  • Comfort/Hybrid: Trek Shift 3  - $30 per day; If you'd like to keep it overnight and have it back by 10:30AM the next day, simply add $10. The perfect "cruise-around-town" bike. (What's that you say? You only need a bike for a couple of hours? Well fine, be that way! It's $20 for two hours or less, or $10 for one hour or less. Options!
  • Endurance Road: Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra - $65 per day; An excellent bike for the day-tripper looking for a fast and comfortable ride to get some miles done in the wine country. Equipped with Shimano Ultegra. (May be picked up after 5PM the day before your ride, must be returned by 5PM the day of your ride.)
  • If you are renting a road bike, we highly recommend that you bring your shoes and pedals. We have many different types of clipless pedals available to rent for $3 per day, but call ahead to make sure we've got yours.


At Wine Country Cyclery (that's us!), we price everything as competitively as possible. This means you can shop in a small town like Sonoma knowing that when you get home and check the internet just to be sure that you're getting the best price, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Like any great retail establishment, the mantra "Out with the old and in with the new" reigns supreme. Check out these great deals on older model bikes. (In this context "older" just means "more refined.") Keep in mind, these deals are limited to in-stock items. We're bummed about it too. Follow the fancy internet hyperlinks for more info on the bikes themselves. 

2013 Closeout Mountain Bikes
The Bike Original MSRP Closeout Price Sizes/Colors Available
Cannondale F29 2 $2450 $1899.99

Medium  in Black/Green SOLD

Large in Black/Green SOLD

Cannondale Jekyll 3 $3990 $2999.99

Medium in Matte Black SOLD

Large in Matte Black SOLD

Trek Mamba $1019.99 $749.99

23" in Black/Orange SOLD

17.5" in Matte Black SOLD

2013 Closeout Road Bikes
The Bike Original MSRP Closeout Price Sizes/Colors Available
Cannondale Synapse 3 Ultegra $3199 $2399

54cm in White

58cm in White

Cannondale Synapse 5 105 $2330 $1799

61cm in White/Black SOLD

Cannondale Synapse 7 Sora $1050 $749

58cm in Black/Green SOLD

Trek Madone 6.2 (Project One) $4399.99 $3299.99

54cm in Black/Orange

58cm in Black/Orange

Trek Domane 5.2 Compact $3499.99 $2499.99

52cm in Red/White

54cm in Red/White SOLD

56cm in Red/White SOLD

58cm in Red/White SOLD

Trek Domane 5.2 Triple $3499.99 $2599.99

52cm in Red/White

54cm in Red/White SOLD

Trek Domane 4.5 Compact $2599.99 $1949.99

56cm in Black/White SOLD

Trek Domane 4.3 WSD Triple $2199.99 $1649.99

47cm in Blue/White/Black

52cm in Blue/White/Black

54cm in Blue/White/Black

Trek 520 $1489.99 $1099.99

51cm in Metallic Bronze SOLD

57cm in Metallic Bronze

*All closeouts listed are updated as of 7/8/14

Operation Bicycle

Wine Country Cyclery is proud to support Operation Bicycle, a community bike project focused on getting teens and low income residents of Sonoma on bicycles. Sure, the bikes aren't as shiny as the bikes you could get at WCC, but Operation Bicycle is doing great work every week right in our own backyard to make getting a bike possible for anyone who wants to ride. That's awesome.

Check out the Operation Bicycle Website if you are computer saavy.

Take a gander at the Operation Bicycle Promo video if you prefer sight and sound.

What's this? A Cat Vacuum for you to look at if you're lost and have nothing better to do? Okay.

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